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Toll-Free:  (888) 689-6675
  Our offices are open Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm CST (sometimes later on busy days), excluding holidays. Please leave a voicemail if we're on the line with another customer so we can call you back.
Email:  Use This Contact Form
  Answered 7 days a week. Great for product and tracking questions.
Pay by Check:  Mail this order sheet with a check or money order to:
mSupplements, LLC
309 E First Street
Monticello, IA 52310
Order by Fax: Fax this order sheet to (888) 689-6675


Place a Phone Order 24 Hours a Day

You can order by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call (888) 689-6675 and Press 1 for our automated ordering system. We will ask you questions. Once you have answered, press # or wait 3 seconds to move on to the next question.

Have your credit card ready as well as your shipping address and the prices / quantities of the items you are ordering.

If you mess up, simply correct it during the next question. We're smart enough to figure it out. Or if you really mess up, just call back and start over.

You can also talk to a customer service representative Monday through Friday 9am-5pm central by calling (888) 689-6675 and pressing 0.

When You Call...

We have real, live people from the Midwest to answer.

We are available Monday through Friday 9am-5pm central (excluding holidays).

If you reach our voicemail, we are likely on the other line. Please leave us your name and number so we can call you back. A cell number is best (We never sell, rent, or exchange your phone number.) We strive to return all calls during the same day. If for some reason you don't hear back in a few hours, feel free to call us back.

Shipping Questions

Free Shipping in 48 contiguous United States

Free Shipping - No Gimmicks

  • Free $0.00 shipping is available on all orders in the contiguous United States.
  • This excludes Alaska and Hawaii and international orders.
  • No minimum required. Order $15 or $100 and it's free.
  • Orders ship via UPS Ground or the US Postal Service for most packages.
Jeanine Likes The Upfront $0 Shipping:
I appreciate that you offer free shipping. That is such a relief to me, as other sites wait until you've entered your credit card information before they tell you the shipping charge!
+Where does my order ship from?
+When will I receive my order?
+Track my package
+I clicked on the tracking link and it said no information was available for my tracking number?
+I clicked on the tracking link and it said my order was delivered last year?
+Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, etc.
+International Shipping Information
+Other Shipping Questions

45-Day Money Back Guarantee

45 Day Money Back Return Policy

45-Day Returns

Use It. Love It. Or return it!

We want you to be completely happy with your purchase from mSupplements. That's why we give you a 45-day, unconditional, LOVE IT OR RETURN IT policy.

Use these products with peace of mind knowing that if they don't help, you can simply send back the opened or unopened bottles for a complete refund.

Why do we offer such an unconditional guarantee?
We offer such a guarantee because we know our superior products can help you reach your health goals. How do we know? Because we have talked with countless customers about their success stories with these supplements. Plus, we know that once you find products that dramatically change your life, you will keep coming back again and again and will recommend these products to your family and friends.

Linda H. Told Us:
I appreciate your prompt refund. It speaks well of your business.

Return Policy Specifics

Step 1
Purchase products from

Step 2
Use them immediately, everyday (or as suggested on the bottle), and begin to expect changes in your health, energy levels, and outlook on life.

Step 3
If any of the products aren't working for you, feel free to call or email us. Most of representatives have used every one of Dr. Morter’s supplements, so we can offer important advice to help you get the most from your purchase. Simply explain your situation and let us help you discover which products and usage levels are best for you.

Step 4
If any products still aren’t right for you, return the opened or unopened bottles to us within 45 days of purchase date to receive a complete refund for the price of the product. Simply call or email us for the correct return address as well as any important procedures.



  • We can only accept returns for products purchased from Products purchased in retail locations and other online vendors are not eligible for this return policy. Buy from and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our 45-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Returns must be received within 45 days of the purchase date. Returns received on days 46 to 60 will receive a store credit. Returns after day 60 will not be eligible for a return or a credit.
  • All returns must be emailed or called into our customer service department to receive the correct return address and procedures.
  • Any shipping fees charged to the customer will not be refunded. We currently only charge shipping fees to orders outside the contiguous United States so for most customers this will not be an issue.
  • To ensure our customer’s honesty, we accept up to five hundred dollars in returns per customer and/or per household.
  • The cost of shipping the product back to us is the customer's responsibility.

Buy with confidence.
If you have any questions on how best to use the products you have ordered, please contact us. We are happy to help.

Thanks for choosing for your health care needs!

Susan Told Us:
Thank you for the prompt refund. You are an outstanding merchant!

Return Policy last updated July 28, 2013. Return Policy is subject to change at any time without notice.
All orders before an update will be subject to the Return Policy that was in place at the time of the order.

Questions about our Products

Have a question about one of our products? We're here to help! Visit the specific product page for a list of the most frequently asked questions. On each product page is an "FAQ" tab. Simply click this tab to find answers to your questions!

Here's what to look for:

Product FAQs

Please also note, you can read customer reviews of the product by clicking the "Reviews" tab.

Still need help? You can submit a question to us through the FAQ tab or by emailing us at:

About Us


mSupplements, LLC was founded in 2006 to offer terrific prices, great service, and free shipping. We are independent retailers. Since then, we have served thousands of customers in all 50 states as well as multiple countries around the world. We thank our customers worldwide for allowing us to serve their health needs.

After over ten years of serving the health needs of the world, mSupplements has become synonymous with superior service.

Home Office

mSupplements, LLC
309 E First Street
Monticello, IA 52310


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mSupplements: Home of Great Service

Order from mSupplements because here you receive high quality service. Our goal at mSupplements is to make our company as customer-friendly as possible. We understand our customers' needs because we've been on the consumer end of the things, too. We've learned from what other companies have done well and what they haven't. We've implemented the best customer-service ideas to give you the best possible experience. For instance, we hate it when companies wait until the very last second before hitting the customer with shipping fees. We decided there was a simpler, easier and more customer-oriented approach: Free Shipping! At, you are given the bonus of free shipping for all orders shipped to the contiguous United States.

Here's a list of a few ways we put you first!

  • Free Shipping on all orders shipped to the contiguous United States. No coupons and no minimum purchase ever required.
  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Love our products or return them within 45 days for a full refund. Even if the bottle is empty.
  • 256-Bit Encryption to Ensure Safe Ordering.


Read more about our commitment to excellent customer service.


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Giving Back

We've been blessed to be able to help countless people around the world achieve better health, but our commitment to improving our world doesn't stop there. We've given back by donating to organizations such as the Nature Conservancy because we believe that a healthy planet creates healthy societies. We invite you to become an ongoing donor yourself. We also have given to a youth shelter because every child deserves to be supported. You can donate to these youths as well

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Reach Out to mSupplements:

If you need to reach us, you can do so through one of the following channels:

Toll-Free: (888)-689-6675

Snail Mail:

mSupplements, LLC
309 E First Street
Monticello, IA 52310

Email: Use our contact form below:

We Receive Great Feedback!

We love hearing from our customers! Below is a sampling of some of the wonderful compliments our customers have sent us over the years. We'd love to hear your personal feedback on how we are doing, whether it's a 'Great job' or a suggestion for improvement. Feel free to contact us here.

Looking for reviews of our products? Simply visit the individual product page and click on the "Reviews" tab. If you've been helped by one of our wonderful products, we'd love to hear your story! Simply click here to submit a product review.

Thank you for all you do for us.

Customers Love The Free Shipping and Low Prices

  • I already appreciate that you offer free shipping. That is such a relief to me, as other sites wait until you've entered your credit card information before they tell you the shipping charge!

  • Thank you so much for all your information. And for your quantity discounts.


Customers Appreciate The Website's Ease of Use

  • Hi...just wanted to let you know I ordered the Alkadophilus and the new ordering process was clean, clear and efficient.


  • Thanks...I realized that once you order you can then just click your site and hit re-order. Very cool and simple

    Thanks so much and Always,
    Daniel :)

  • By the way, your new website is really awesome. Thanks for going through all the time and effort to create it!


  • I wish you peace and prosperity, as your company has certainly already added much of that to my life! I count on and am grateful to your company for the caliber of supplement manufacturers you carry, prompt shipping, and innovative, efficient web site.

    Kirsten R.

Customers Love These Products!

  • Every day, I take 15 Alka Green tablets, 6 Alka Pan, 3 Adrenergy, 1 Dropper of Trace Minerals and 1 dropperful of Trace Energy #16. I work in a chiropractic clinic, and I know the amazing benefits of these supplements. Sometimes we have trouble keeping them in stock!


  • Hello
    I have been taking B.E.S.T. supplements for over 10 years and I LOVE them!!

  • Love your products! 

  • I am writing to request that the Alka-Green powder be shipped as soon as possible. I am almost out and think that it has greatly improved my health. 

    Thank you so very much.

  • Thank you! Love the products!

  • I currently take Alkadrenergy and love it.

  • The Trace Minerals work for my leg cramps and my brother is having the same thing.

    Thanks for your assistance and God Bless.

  • Hi there-
    My doctors have successfully treated me from total healing of Lyme disease. I have been taking your Trace Minerals on and off when a problem arises and it has worked wonders.


  • Thank you so much. It was helpful. I do feel better when I take Alka Slim so I will continue to use it. Thank you again.

  • Oh thank you that is so helpful.... My adrenal fatigue is the result of long term, continuous, intense childhood stress/trauma. I did not receive a professional recommendation, I just googled "adrenal gland" and found your website. I like the Adrenergy. I'm also considering adding some items from your chronic fatigue pack.


  • I didn't know how much your products were helping till I stopped taking them!

  • I am so thankful to have found your product Alka Green. Will be ordering with my next paycheck in 7 days.. I can't wait ...Thank you!!

  • Thanks-
    I look forward to receiving the product and book. I am enjoying the "Apple a Day" book and look forward to reading the rest. Excellent and easy to understand, I only wish I would have discovered Dr. Morter years ago.


  • My husband has been taking Alka Green for more than a decade and he loves how he feels while taking it. That's why I decided to try Alka-Slim to lose 25 pounds. I ordered Alka Slim right before Thanksgiving and Christmas. I haven't lost any weight yet, but I maintained my weight throughout those high-eating/cooking days, and I've had more energy and stamina than before.


Customers Love Our Service!

  • Thank you for going the extra mile. Wow! I am impressed. Have a great weekend!:)


  • Wow,
    Thanks you so much, I was chiding myself on my timing of that. You made my day:)


  • Hello,
    Many thanks for your quick response. I do appreciate your excellent customer service! Wow!

    Love your products.


  • Thanks so much. Your service is excellent. :)


  • Yes I did enjoy it! It was definitely Life Changing as I was told it would be. I find loyalty to be a valuable quality and I will remain loyal to your company in purchasing my Alka Green and such products. :)

    In Gratitude,

  • Thanks so much for your help and for your phone and email messages. Now I can rest easy!

    Have a great one,

  • I received 1 box of Alka Green Powder (12 bottles) this morning. It was very quick to get them. Thanks for your time and help!


  • You're a doll, Kevin ....thanks.  It just arrived. Sorry for ringing the alarm ....I was just desperate for my Alka Green.....

  • You guys are awesome! Rock on!
    Mary G.

  • Wow, what great service. Thanks for the prompt reply and offer. I might take you up on the Alka Green Powder option.

  • I just received my order of Alka-Slim. Thank you for your prompt delivery. I have been ordering Alka-Slim for quite some time now and am always impressed with your service.

  • Thank you SO much! We sure appreciate your integrity.

    Blessings in the journey,

  • Thank you for the prompt refund. You are an outstanding merchant!

  • Thanks, Kevin. You're a dream.

  • Thank you that does alleviate my concerns and I appreciate your prompt response.

    Have a blessed day,

  • Thanks for the prompt response.

  • Kevin, you're awesome! Thanks.

  • Thank you for doing that!

  • Hi, Aloha,
    Thank you for your quick response and the refund. I understand your reasons for the difference in shipping costs now.

    May you have a wonderful day.

  • Thank you for your speedy reply…appreciate it.

  • Thank you Mr. Kevin,
    I will make a decision. Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July weekend.

    Mrs. C.

  • I appreciate your fast response. Have a wonderful day!


  • Thank you for the timely response. I am very happy to know Alka Green is organic and is grown in the US!


  • Thank you so much Dave!

    Best wishes,

  • Wow – thank you! I appreciate it.

    Have a great day too,

  • OH YES, and thank you. I am looking forward to it. Thank you for being so prompt.

  • Thank you very much!

  • Thank you VERY MUCH for your thorough response. I would love to visit a BEST practitioner. Any assistance you can provide in practitioners in the area is most appreciated. Thanks again!

    Thank you so much!

  • Thanks for the quick reply.

  • Yep, that's it. Thank-you very much for your quick reply!

  • Just wanted to let you know that I ordered the Acid Reflux pack. I really appreciate your quick and thorough response.


  • Thank you. I appreciate your speedy response.

  • Thanks for answering so quickly. I am just one of those people that will do something the easiest way possible and the Alka Green tablets fit…. As long as there is not degradation in quality. I recently had a malignant tumor removed from my bladder and feel that Alka Green cannot hurt me. I am also 66 years old and need to get a little serious about nutrition.

    Thanks again,

  • That sounds great! Thank you!

  • Thanks so much. I'll order them right now.

  • Thank you for sending this response. Best wishes to you.

  • Thanks for your note back.


  • Thanks for your response. Since I am currently reading Dr. Morter’s book Your Health, Your Choice, I am very familiar with the 75/25 rule.

    Perhaps I should consider making an appointment to see the good doctor. :o)

  • Thank you for this answer - so now I know how to read the pH test strips.

    God Bless you.

  • Thank you for your quick response! I really appreciate it.


  • Thank you so much for taking care of my request. Have a great day!!!


  • Thank you very much for your quick action! Have a nice week too!

    Best regards,

  • Thank you very much!

    Thank you for responding and for indicating that my order has been processed.

  • Thank you for your quick response, I really appreciate it. I was working today, too (4th of July)

  • Thanks very much!

  • Thank-you, that did help a lot!!

  • Thanks!
    If you have samples of any of the other Morter products, I'd love to try them.

    I appreciate all your help!

  • Thank you so much! I look forward to using my new supplements!

  • Thanks!
    It was so nice of you to respond. I look forward to my order.


  • Thanks for your customer service support!

  • Thanks for your prompt and helpful follow-up! I appreciate all your good feedback, and I look forward to following up in more detail soon.

  • Thanks!!!
    Mary Pat

We're even there to catch and correct your ordering mistakes:

  • Thank you for catching my mistake. Yes, I only want to order 12. If you would delete the one order, I would really appreciate it. And would you kindly confirm.

    Thank you,

  • Thank you. I see that I did not type my correct email address! I appreciate your help and quick response.

    Take care,

  • You're right: the second fax today was just to make sure that you received my order, so 1 case of the Alka Slim will be enough for now.
    Thanks for shipping my order.


  • I believe I hit the order button twice.  Thank you for the email alerting me.


  • Thank you for being so conscientious of my order. I sent an email this morning after reviewing my financial statement and saw that the order went through twice. I was told the first order didn't go through and ordered it again. Apparently the order did in fact go through. I would like to receive a refund for the second order. Thanks again!


  • Thanks for your quick response. I've corrected the mistake and managed to check out with free shipping.


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We are constantly working hard to bring you the best experience at mSupplements. It starts with our free shipping in the contiguous United States and our 45-Day Guarantee and continues with some of the great features on our website. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our website to make your experience the best possible. We think we've made some great progress with these features and policies. Check them out and let us know what you think!

+"Tabs" Feature
+Order any way you want!
+Register for an Account... & Reorder with Ease!
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What do salmon and the sun have in common? Vitamin D!. Salmon is loaded with Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and healthy Omega 3s.

Each serving contains:
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