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Five Steps to Forgiveness

1) I forgive myself for feeling ________ about this situation.

2) I allow the other person to forgive me for any part I had in feeling ________.

3) I forgive the universe for my feeling ______________.

4) From this situation, I have learned this lesson: _____________
(phrased in the positive)

5) And... I am thankful for this experience because of this amazing lesson that it taught me.



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  1. Loron's Review of Alka Green Tablets:
    Product Rating
    This is an outstanding quality product! I was eating many of the wrong things, and my wife and I began learning so much from a homeopathic Dr., We began an Alkaline lifestyle in August of 2015 and the results have been AMAZING... We take this as part of a regular everyday supplements, and we feel GREAT! Switching to an Alkaline lifestyle has helped...
  2. Maria's Review of Alkadrenergy:
    I currently take Alkadrenergy and love it.

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