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Which Water to Drink

Which Water do I Drink?!

Walk into your local grocery store and you'll see an entire aisle of bottled water. Distilled, Reverse Osmosis, Spring Water: Which do I choose!?!

We all know that tap water isn't the best option. A survey of municipal water facilities found that 260 contaminants are routinely found in tap water throughout the country. (Source:

Of these contaminants, 142 are unregulated by the EPA. Why? Because the EPA has no idea about the effects they have on the body. Pretty scary. 

In addition to these contaminants, tap water contains chlorine. While chlorine does kill bacteria in water, it also kills the good and necessary bacteria in your digestive tract. Without these good bacteria, the digestive track becomes less efficient and can result in stomach aches, constipation, gas and low energy levels. One remedy for this problem is Alkadophilus, which replaces the lost bacteria and increases the efficiency of your digestive tract.

Consequently, filtered or bottled water is obviously a better choice than chlorinated tap water. But how do you decide which type of filtered or bottle water to choose?

An easy and long-term cost effective option is to buy a filtration system for your house. The best system available is the reverse osmosis system; a filtration system used by NASA and astronauts in space. Reverse osmosis removes virtually all contaminants in the water and can be bought online. Amazon of course has a great selection.

If you're going with bottled water, stay away from distilled water. This water used to be considered the best of all waters, but it's been discovered that it's too clean and leaches minerals from the body.

The water inside your body actually contains a small percentage of dissolved minerals, ions, and electrolytes. These substances are used to transport nutrients between cells.

Since distilled water contains zero minerals, this type of water washes away minerals from your body. Plus, once distilled water is exposed to air, its pH drops to about 5.8. As we know, an alkaline pH is much better for our body.

The second common option is spring or artesian waters. These bottled waters come from natural sources and typically aren't filtered. Most, in fact, are bottled right at the source, before these waters even touch the outside world.

These natural waters are a good option, as they contain natural minerals which are beneficial to the body.

The last option for bottled water is filtered. When choosing this type of water, look for one that is filtered using the reverse osmosis filtration method. This is by far the best filtration method available as it removes virtually 100% of contaminants from water.

Since reverse osmosis is low on mineral content, it can be beneficial to add a drop or two of Trace Minerals or lemon juice to your water. This provides the electrolytes and minerals your body requires for optimum health. 

In conclusion, spring water and reverse osmosis water are two great options. The important thing is to drink plenty of clean water. So drink up to your health! Your body will thank you.


Wishing you the best,
The Health Team at mSupplements, LLC

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