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Fulvic Acid Does What?!

Here at mSupplements
, we have been in awe of the miraculous stories our customers have told us about our best-selling fulvic acid minerals. These Best-Process Trace Mineral drops contain highly-beneficial fulvic acid minerals in colloidal form.

Fulvic acid benefits are well-known, but here you can see real-world accounts of how users have benefited from these fulvic trace minerals.

We've heard so many life-affirming stories, we felt we had to share the benefits these fulvic acid minerals have had on our customers.


Top 12 User-Listed Benefits of Fulvic Acid-based Trace Minerals


  1. Boosted Immune System
  2. Angelica shared the following:

    I have recommended Trace Minerals to several of my co-workers to improve their immune system for it helped my kids and me. It is great to feel good everyday rather than to suffer the flu season of winter, spring, and when the change of season occurs.

    Another customer shared that:

    Our whole family LOVES Trace Minerals. We all take a dropper full a day (or two for extra busy hard working days). We have taken it for a few years and believe that it has greatly contributed to our overall health and healing on a cellular level. Our immune systems have greatly improved. 


  3. Burns and Blisters
  4. As Erika commented:

    I burned my hand while we were grilling and my mother said to put some Dr. Morter's Trace Minerals on the blisters that formed, saying the blisters would stay but the pain would go.

    I was EXTREMELY skeptical, but honest to goodness, the pain immediately receded. It began hurting again as I 'forgot' and began the usual clean-up, handling items and washing my hands. It began to hurt again, so I again applied the Trace Minerals and very lightly rubbed it in. The pain went away. I then took it easy, and was so glad the pain was gone.

    I knew my hands were dry of the Trace Minerals - but I saw 'wet' patches over my blisters, but no blisters. After about 4 hours - I know this sounds insane - my blisters were nothing more than a slightly red patch. Somewhat tender to the touch, but not painful.


  5. Taken Internally For All-Around Health Benefits
  6. As one customer stated:

    I bought a bottle of another company's trace minerals from eBay, which didn't seem to do much for me. Then I tried the Morter Supplements Trace Minerals and was astonished at the results. Within a couple of hours, I could feel a strength in my body such as I haven't felt for years! This has to be the most beneficial health supplement I have ever taken. My wife agrees. She says that of all the many supplements she takes, the Morter Supplements Trace Minerals is the most important.

    I just wish they'd produce a larger bottle -- say one that contains a 3-month supply, so we wouldn't have to order so often (I live in England).

    This is a truly superb health product and we cannot recommend it highly enough. But don't just take our word for it. Try it yourself and be amazed at the feeling of life and strength that flows into your body within hours of taking it. I guarantee you'll wonder how you ever managed without a bottle of Morter Supplements Trace Minerals in your cupboard.


  7. Minor Cuts and Scrapes
  8. Customers have commented that not only have these Fulvic-Acid Trace Minerals helped stop the bleeding, but they also help the wound heal more quickly and cleanly.

     As Togg told us:

    For over 10 years I have used Trace Minerals to stop cuts from bleeding. I have had numerous skin tears that in the past I plastered shut with band aids, which would always fall off and keep the wound too moist to heal. I switched my medicine cabinet over to Trace Minerals. A single drop of Trace Minerals usually stops the blood flow, clots the blood and closes the wound so that I am able to get back to work without worry of infection or lingering pain. It is the very best in many ways.

    Another customer commented:

    I too have used trace minerals to stop bleeding. My 2 year old ran into a tree branch and cut his head about an inch. His head would not stop bleeding. I put Trace Minerals on the wound, and it almost immediately clotted and stopped bleeding. I also noticed the healing time was significantly reduced for a cut of that size. 

    Note: Always see a healthcare practitioner for serious cuts and abrasions.

  9. Bladder Infections
  10. As Margaret told us:

    I have been plagued with bladder infections since childhood, but since taking your Liquid Trace Minerals I haven't had any bladder infections. When I feel an infection coming on, I just take an additional dropper full in juice and the next morning all the achy pain is gone.


  11. "Mystery Bumps"
  12. As one customer commented:

    I have also used it on a strange "bump" on my dog!! Yes my dog! After putting it on the spot for approximately a week, the "mystery bump" was gone!


  13. Leg Cramps
  14. Della told us:

    Trace minerals have helped control my leg cramps. When I go a couple days without one or two droppers full I get cramps at night in bed. When I am faithful to take them every day, I have no cramps. Thanks for a great product and God Bless.


  15. Amazing Healing
  16. Fran was grateful enough to share the following:

    I have been plagued with inflammatory pain in my back and stress fractures. I drink reverse osmosis water and I realized that I could be lacking in minerals. Since taking Trace Minerals I am so much better. I also gave Trace Minerals to a friend who was in an accident and had a fractured vertebra. Her doctor was amazed at how fast the fracture healed.

    Here's what Vaugh had to say:

    I took five drops of the Trace Minerals in some coconut water. Within minutes my stuffed up nose was gone. I am breathing out of both nostrils and had not been for at least 24 hours. 


  17. Cold Sores
  18. As one customer commented:

    My son gets cold sores and most people with them know it can take a couple of weeks for them to be completely gone. I put a couple of drops of Trace Minerals on my son when I noticed one. The sore dried almost overnight and within days was healed. Just be careful not to get them inside the mouth, they aren't very tasty. I used a qtip.


  19. Fungus
  20. Ewa shared her success story with Trace Minerals and Fungus:

    I had fungus under the nails on my fingers, I've tried different ointments, but the only thing that helped is soaking my fingers in Trace Minerals. Do not expect results over night but immediately you can feel relief. It took about a week to clear.


  21. A Better Garden
  22. One customer told us:

    I use Trace Minerals diluted in my vegetable garden to grow beautiful, strong, healthy plants that have absorbed the minerals from the soil to nourish my family. 


  23. Improved Morning Energy
  24. As Kim shared with us:

    The energy that these minerals give me in the morning is awesome. I feel so much better since I started taking these trace minerals. I used to be sluggish and tired in the morning with no energy and now I am full of energy and able to get everything done. I focus and concentrate better with these minerals.


Try Trace Minerals Today


Results may vary. The customer experiences listed does not mean you will experience the same results. Each individual is different and will respond to Trace Minerals differently. In general, you can expect that Trace Minerals will provide over 70 different minerals in trace amounts. You can also generally expect Trace Minerals to help with minor cuts and scratches.

mSupplements is glad to hear our customers' stories regarding Trace Minerals. We must make a quick note, though, that Trace Minerals does not treat, cure or prevent disease.


We Love Hearing From Our Customers!

Have you felt the benefits of fulvic acid minerals? Do you have your own story to share? Let us know at


Not All Trace Minerals Contain Fulvic Acid

Don't be fooled by other trace mineral supplements. Many of them don't contain fulvic acid. To make sure you are ordering the highest-quality fulvic acid supplement, order Best Process Trace Minerals.


Discover the Benefits of Fulvic Acid Today!

It is truly amazing how some customers' lives have improved with Trace Minerals. Purchase your own bottle of Trace Minerals (which is loaded with fulvic acid), and discover the many ways it can improve your life.

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Order Your Fulvic Acid Minerals Today



More Uses for Trace Minerals?!

Trace Minerals actually has a few recommended uses not mentioned above. Here are four additional recommendations for using Trace Minerals:

  1. Sore Throats. We recommend placing 1 dropper full of Trace Minerals in a small glass of water and gargling 3 times.
  2. Apply topically for bug bites.
  3. Preparing for International Travel. Add a dropper full of Trace Minerals to your water while traveling outside of the US to prepare your system for different environments.
  4. Remineralizing distilled and RO water. We recommend adding 3-4 drops of Trace Minerals per gallon of water.
  5. Daily Multi-Mineral Supplement. Just take 10 drops a day (mixed in juice or water) for a 70+ mineral boost. A great way to start your day.

Live The Good Life...

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Please Note:

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

* Results may vary. The customer experiences listed does not mean you will experience the same results. Each individual is different and will respond to Trace Minerals differently. In general, you can expect that Trace Minerals will provide over 70 different minerals in trace amounts. You can also generally expect Trace Minerals to help with minor cuts and scratches.

** Disclaimer: The products and the claims made about specific vitamins, supplements or other items, equipment, or procedures on or through this email have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or healthcare professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. Please consult with a licensed doctor or physician before using any supplements, starting any diet or exercise program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.

*** Customer comments may have been edited for grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, clarity or other reasons.

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