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Numerous customers have sent us their reviews of Alka Slim. We've compiled a few of these Alka Slim testimonials here to educate you on the numerous benefits this weight loss / energy shake has to offer.


Many users report the following benefits:

"keeps me regular"
~Marianne Krupa

"enables me to hold my weight pretty constant"
~Roger P. Jones
Raymond, Ms.

"I have lost 25 pounds and have much more energy."


Alka Slim Review #1

We love Alka Slim!

My best friend who was an emergency room nurse started me on it 2 1/2 months ago.

I was overweight and had terrible stomach problems that I took a dreaded prescription for everyday.

Since starting my Alka Slim which I use as lunch - I eat cereal & berries for breakfast a piece of fruit as a snack and a normal dinner (no eating after 6:30) - I have lost 25 pounds and have much more energy.

I have started 9 other people on Alka Slim (because they see I look & feel better). I just want to thank you for all you have done for many people!!

Upstate NY


Alka Slim Review # 2

I have been using Alka Slim now for about 4 years.

I stopped smoking cigars about 6 years ago and began to gain a little weight. One day a saw and add on TV about Alka Slim and decided to try it.

I mix it with V-8 juice each morning and use it to replace my breakfast meal. I do this on the average of about 5 days a week and treat my self to breakfast about 2 days a week. This system enables me to hold my weight pretty constant at about 170 lbs, As far as the rest of my meals, I eat pretty much the way I always have.

The balance nutrients in Alka Slim, along with the benefit of the vegetable juice each morning gives me plenty of energy and satisfies my hunger until noon each day without any problem. I also feel like it has helped me to maintain good health. I haven't even had a cold now in a couple of years.

Roger P. Jones
Raymond, Ms.


Alka Slim Review # 3

Yes, I've been a loyal user of Alka Slim for more than a few years now.

I'm a marathoner and I work out quite frequently and have for some years now, so I don't have a weight problem, so I don't use it to control my weight.

I use it more as a supplement to my diet.

I take 2 scoops a morning with orange juice in addition to my normal breakfast.

I really do love the ingredients in Alka Slim. I constantly monitor what I put into my body, I want the healthiest of ingredients and that's most definitely what I get taking Alka Slim.

I first heard about Alka Slim more than a few years ago on tv when I saw the infomercial with Kevin Trudeau and really wanted to try it, and that's when I ordered my first batch of Alka Slim.

Although I actually stopped taking it for about a couple of months, I started up with it again in the last couple of weeks and feel it also keeps me regular, so I intend to continue taking it.

Thanks Morter Health for Alka does my body good!!!!

Marianne Krupa


Alka Slim Review # 4

About five years ago an informercial on your product got my attention.  

I ordered one month' s supply.  At this time I was 44 years old and was for the first time in my life dealing with an extra few pounds that I just could not lose.  

I had been taking bio-identical hormones in a cream delivery system for several years as well.   I remember the gentleman asking me if I wanted to receive my alka-slim on auto-ship  and deciding  not to because I was skeptical.  

Well, I could tell the difference in my self before the month was even over and I have been using the product ever since.  It was as though a balance occured in my system .  

I truly must have been in an acidic state and never understood how simple it really is if you have the correct information.  

I have completely stopped with the hormone creams or any other supplements and rely only on alka-slim.  I truly am a success story for your product!!!  I went a couple of months without it once and could truly tell the difference without it.  

I will continue to take three heaping scoops every  morning in my juice for as long as you guys will keep producing it.  I tell my friends all you have to do is read the list of ingredients and you just know it is a  superior system.  

Thank you Dr. Morter!!!!!  
Donna West  
St. Simons island, Georgia


Alka Slim Review # 5


I love Alka Slim. I was introduced to it by a friend several years ago.

At that time I was recovering from a very serious complication from taking the irritable bowel syndrome medication, Lotrinex. Lotrinex was the first drug marketed to help people with diarrhea prone IBS, and having suffered from chronic diarrhea most of my life, I was eager to try the new "wonder drug". I had a severe reaction after taking the drug for a month and wound up with a colon so damaged that I almost had to have a colostomy. My colon was so damaged by the drug that it literally was seeping blood. I had to be on complete bedrest for weeks to allow my colon to stop bleeding and heal. I was literally at the end of my rope.

I had never tried alternative treatments or herbs before, but my sister talked me into meeting a friend of hers who sold supplements.

She analyzed my body's systems and recommended a detox and Alka Slim. She called Alka Slim her "feel good" drink.

Although she made a living selling Nature's Sunshine, she worked for a chiropractor and had the inside scoop on Dr. Morter and his ideas on health and what the body needs to be healthy. She recommended that I read "An Apple a Day" and "Dynamic Health". I read the books and I began to drink the Alka Slim each morning on an empty stomach, and within three days I could feel my body begin to heal.

I feel that Alka Slim is the best balanced health drink on the market. When my friend moved away, I couldn't find anyone else in my area who sold it, so I tried a couple of other "health" drinks from health food stores. They all had the same claims as Alka Slim, but paled in comparison. I found that the other drinks left me feeling bloated, or empty, and some were just too hard to digest.

In my opinion, Alka Slim has the perfect balance of nutrients and food. I've never used Alka Slim for weight loss, although I'm sure it would help if weight loss were needed. I've used it purely as a healthy food and supplement to my diet. My friend was right. It does make me "feel good" by giving my body the exact nutrients it needs.

There have been times when I've been on vacation or out of Alka Slim and within a week without it, I could feel my joints begin to feel stiff in the morning and feel my energy slipping away. I no longer have irritable bowel syndrome. I've learned to eat good whole foods, and a glass of Alka Slim daily. It has truly given me a different life and body.

I received a monetary settlement from the drug company that marketed Lotrinex. Not only did I nearly loose my colon, it was discovered that several women died during the drug trials of Lotrinex and this was not disclosed when the drug was put on the market. Many women ended up with permanent colon damage from Lotrinex and died while it was on the market. I'm lucky that I did not end up with permanent damage, and in part I credit Alka Slim. There is no doubt in my mind that it played a huge part in my recovery. Getting a monetary settlement from the drug company was nice, but, it didn't change my health and help me heal like Alka Slim did. If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't be buying it by the case.
Thank you for your website and wonderful pricing of Alka Slim.


PS--if my story sound far-fetched, just research Lotrinex.

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If you have any questions about Alka Slim, please contact us with your questions. We'd be happy to help.

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